Wedding Planning 101: Planner Vs Designer Vs Coordinator

Many brides will most likely come to the decision that they need like to hire a wedding planner to help take some of the load off. Yet, many are confused about what wedding planners really do and who they actually need to hire to take care of the tasks they need help with. So in this post, I will explain the difference between a wedding planner, wedding designer and a wedding coordinator.


Wedding Planner

Of course this is the first person many people research or talk to knowing they are the ones that can most likely help with their wedding. A wedding planner takes care of the logistics of the wedding, so if you need help with your seating chart, making and sticking to your budget or filling out  vendor contracts, then you need a wedding planner.

Most wedding planners will even help you figure out some of your personal problems if they are conflicting with the wedding and causing you more stress, like when other family members invite their friends to your wedding or when your mother-in-law tells you what you should be doing for your wedding. Wedding planners usually have had more than enough experience to know what to do in such situations and can handle them efficiently.


Wedding Designer

Many people get the wedding designer and wedding planner confused; that may be because some wedding planners also offer wedding design services. The wedding designer is in charge of exactly what the title says– designing the wedding! They help you visualize how you want your wedding to look and then make it happen. Not every wedding planner is willing (or able) to string tealights in your tent or make sure your floral centerpieces are arranged

So if the tasks you need help with are related to how your wedding day will look and feel– in other words, your wedding style, then you definitely need a wedding designer. Some people may need help with the design of their wedding and the logistics, if this is the case, then you’ll need to ask your wedding planner if they offer designing services or find someone who does both, that way you won’t have to hire two separate people for your wedding.


Wedding Coordinator

Some brides may not need a wedding planner or designer because they plan on taking care of those tasks on their own. But I do believe that every bride deserves to have a wedding coordinator for their wedding. Wedding coordinators take care of you and your wedding on your wedding day.

They may help set your reception tables, perform light decorating, place favors, or talk to your wedding vendors and make sure everything is going according to plan. Wedding coordinators take care of your wedding and any problems that may arise on the day of so you don’t have to. When you hire a wedding coordinator you can fully focus on your guests and enjoying yourself without having to stop to run around and make sure your gifts are all in a safe place, or to give your guests directions.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning 101: Planner Vs Designer Vs Coordinator

  1. Good post. Planning a perfect wedding can be tiring for both Bride & groom if they are solely responsible for arranging all things. But this burden can be reduced to a great extent when you hire a wedding planner NYC as planner know what it requires to set up a perfect wedding.

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