Well Groomed: Choosing Your Wedding Day Tux

One of the questions that may pop up while you’re planning your wedding is, should I rent or purchase my wedding suit? Of course it may be more money to buy, but here are five reasons why it’s worth it. … Continue reading

Unveiled: Classic Wedding Veil Styles

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One of the questions I contemplated before my wedding was if I would walk down the aisle veiled or unveiled. And if I did walk down the aisle veiled, who would unveil me — my Dad once he walked me … Continue reading

Everything You Need To Know To Purchase The Perfect Wedding Dress For You!

Every bride wants to find the perfect dress for her, not the one her mother is in love with or the one her grandmother has passed down to her from the 50’s. She wants a dress that will flatter her … Continue reading

Will You Marry Me? 10 Great Ways to Pop the Question!

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There’s plenty of creative and unique ways to pop the question to your honey. Here we’ve compiled a few of our favorites as inspiration to  you! Note:  Do not, repeat DO NOT propose via text, or Facebook!  Also, please, no … Continue reading