Six Pre-Wedding Parties You’ll Love To Attend

Planning a wedding may not always be fun and games, but at least there are parties along the way! Here are the standard six pre-wedding related parties that you or your loved ones can plan to help shake some of the stress and wedding jitters away!

The Engagement Party

Traditionally thrown by the bride’s parents, engagement parties are of course to celebrate the couple’s recent wedding engagement and impending marriage. The parents invite the couple’s friends and family so as to politely brag that their lovely daughter is getting married.

Engagement Party

The Bridal Shower

Hosted by the Maid of Honor, the bridal shower is usually the biggest pre-wedding party where the couple receives the majority of their wedding gifts typically purchased from their registry. Games centered around how well the guests know the couple are played, plenty of food (and cake!) is eaten, and fun is had by all! It’s tradition for the groom to show up with a bouquet of flowers just before the bride opens her gifts.

Bridal Shower

The Bachelor Party

The bachelor party is traditionally planned by the Best Man and groomsmen and celebrates the groom’s last days as, well a bachelor! Activities may include gambling at casinos, drinking, clubbing, or anything the groom has a particular interest in. (If strippers are included, please check to see if the bride is okay with it first.)

Bachelor Party

The Bachelorette Party

Traditionally, the Maid of Honor and bridesmaids plan the bachelorette party to celebrate her final days of being a single gal. Activities can include a karaoke night at a bar, drinking games at a casino, or if you’re so lucky, the party may be held at the mother lode of all bachelorette venues–Vegas! (Remember–What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!). And yes, it’s okay to have a stripper or two, just make sure that it’s okay with your significant other and it all stays as harmless fun!

Bachelorette Party

The Bridal Brunch

Typically the bride hosts this pre-wedding party to thank her bridesmaids for their help in all their wedding planning efforts. The bridal brunch is totally optional, so there are not many “rules” to follow when planning it, but it is a great way for the bride to thank her bridesmaids (and even her mother, sisters and female friends) for all their hard work and support.

Bridal Brunch

The Rehearsal Dinner

Traditionally, the mother of the groom hosts the rehearsal dinner. The dinner is usually held on the day of the final wedding rehearsal, which is typically the night before the wedding. Guests should include the couple’s parents, bridal party members, immediate family, and close friends. The rehearsal dinner concludes all wedding-related parties before the big day.

Rehearsal Dinner

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