Bringing Sexy Back: How to Look (and Feel!) Hot on Your Wedding Day!


photo courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

Since your wedding day is one of the very rarest of days in your life when you will be completely styled and dressed to the nines, in addition to looking great you’re gonna wanna feel great as well.

So what better time is there to think about  being and feeling sexy than on your wedding day. Think of it this way… your outward appearance will wow the guests, but your inner appearance, well that’s for only two people– you on your wedding day, and for your hubby on the long anticipated honeymoon night…

Creating sexy is actually easier than you think because it really starts from within: a confident mindset with a little extra help from new lingerie and a good ol’ fashioned pampering can really go a long way as an ego-boost! So you should:

1. Buy pretty wedding lingerie


There is a limitless amount of bridal lingerie you can choose from. Depending on your style and what you need is the best way to shop for these undergarment lovelies. Start with the basic lingerie essentials as a foundation and build from there.

Make sure your lingerie basics include:

  • bra – bustier, corset, “push-up”, minimizer are all different bra styles you can choose from to achieve whatever “look” you’re aiming for.
  • panties – Can include thong, tummy control panty or a girdle.
  • garters – Either a full garter belt (ooohh they feel sooo sexy) and/or of course, the traditional bridal garter that hubby will eventually toss at the reception

Shop Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood and Trashy for gorgeous wedding lingerie; Victoria’s and Frederick’s have a specific section designated for wedding intimates only!

2. Pamper your body with a wax, shave or pluck!

Having a super-smooth and soft body is the ultimate turn-on in the boudoir! To achieve that look, make sure to get rid of unsightly hair by either shaving, plucking or waxing. A Brazilian wax is specially designed for waxing the lady parts, and although to some may seem drastic, perhaps it may be an option you’ll want to explore.




3. Get  a pedicure

Since feet play an active role in intimacy, there’s nothing sexier for the feet than a fresh French pedicure. Because French pedicures are such a classic, they are really the best choice for a sexy wedding day look.




4.  Go to the Spa

Woman Getting Facial Treatment

You’ll probably hit the spa with your bridesmaids the afternoon before your wedding rehearsal, but if not, make sure you do! You of course need a spa treatment a). before the wedding and b). after the wedding. Getting a massage the day before your wedding day will help of course relax you so you can enjoy the day. But, it will also stimulate your body by providing better blood flow which in turn promotes a healthy sexual response during times of eh hmm, stimulation!

Next week’s blog post we’ll discuss what all of this is really in preparation for… which is of course, the honeymoon night. We’ll think of some creative ways to inspire you to have the most wonderful love-making filled night of your lives!

So stay-tuned until next week, see you then!

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