All Tressed Up: Creating Your Wedding Day Hair Style!

The absolute last thing on earth you’ll want for your wedding is to have a bad hair day! So one of the BIGGEST styling questions you’ll have to contend with as your big day approaches is how will you wear your hair? And with so many styles to choose from and so many looks to consider, you may have to spend ample time trying to decide on what’s the best look for you.

Your wedding hairstyle should of course reflect your own personal taste, and your wedding style. Other factors to consider are your hair length, hair type, and hair volume. And also don’t forget to consider any hair adornments you add, such as tiaras, headbands, decorative hair combs, and of course, the veil itself. These extras must be coordinated to create the perfect look!

So what’s the best way to decide how you rock your locks on your wedding day? Here we’ve picked a few very basic and common styles for you to get started with. There are literally hundreds of styles you can choose from, but if you can get a sense of the overall look and feel you’re trying to achieve you can use it as a foundation and build from there.

Long and Loose


Black Wedding Hair

To be quite honest, although I LOVE a full head of loooong hair, I much prefer brides wear their hair up (or pulled back) on their wedding day, especially if they’re wearing a veil. (Tiaras look best on the long and loose style). But since this of course is not my wedding but rather yours, you do anything you like! If you have a voluminous and healthy head-full-o’-hair, then I say go for it and show that mane off!

French Braid


The French Braid is a great hairstyle if you’re going for a vintage, rustic or country wedding look. The style also looks best with a sheath or goddess-style wedding dress and is quite flattering when adorned with small flower buds or a renaissance fairy wreath.

The Updo


Ah the most classic of all hairstyles, the updo sweeps all that beautiful hair into one big dramatic statement piled high on the top of your head. Aside from its elegance, another reason I love this look is because it’s sooo versatile! You can wear an updo for almost any type of wedding, or at any time of the day. But I think most people still see it for the traditional and the “haute couture” look that it embodies. OK, it’s slightly obvious I favor the look! 🙂



The bun is another classic– neat, tidy, and oh so glamorous! Like the updo, it signals a “high-society” look that can’t be beat. You can then embellish it with an assortment of cascading flowers, pearls, bling, whatever your creativity drives. Oh, and style-wise, they’re all the rage right now, even outside of weddings!

Extra tips:

  • Schedule a “hair-style trial” with your hairdresser. Like the make-up trial, be certain to schedule an appointment with your hairdresser before your big day so the two of you can experiment with different looks and decide on the best one.
  • If you need some added length or volume, go for hair extensions, a hair piece or a weave. These extra additions can help boost volume and glamorize your wedding photos!
  • If you’re wearing hair adornments, make sure to incorporate their inclusion in your hair style trial so it all fits together. This is especially true if you’re wearing a veil. You don’t want to create a look that can’t sustain for whatever reasons the extras you may want added into your hair.

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