Wedding Planning 101: Top 10 “To Do’s” for Your Big Day!

So… it’s finally here! You got the guy, he got the ring, and now you have to get down the aisle! With so much going on and so much more to do, where do you even begin planning for one of the biggest days of your lives?

So to ease a little of the stress and point you in the right direction, we decided to help you out because that’s what we’re here for!

Here are the top 10 wedding planning “To Do’s” you should begin to keep you sane on your insanely exciting journey towards wedded bliss! Feel free to add, subtract, or re-order, but once you start, you’ll be solidly prepared to plan your wedding from A-Z!

CHECKLIST1. Begin to tell family and friends that you’re gettin’ hitched

It’s part of normal excitement to want to tell everyone about your engagement, so go for it! Start by telling the most important people in your lives first– parents, siblings, close relatives and friends. Also consider an announcement in your newspaper’s wedding section. Some may think it’s a little “old school”, but it’s the oh so classic thing to do!

2. Consider hosting an engagement party

What better excuse to get together for drinks and dinner than to host an engagement party! Cocktail events are best with a small guest list – between 25 – 50 of your top fam, friends and besties. It’ll be refreshing to talk about your engagement and forthcoming big day with those most special to you.

3. Start to think about your wedding party selection

Now is a good time to start to think about who you want in your wedding party. This of course is a totally personal decision. I tend to like a smaller wedding party (4 – 6 members) since they’re easier to manage, but I’ve also dealt with wedding parties as large as 24! Regardless, now’s the time to start deciding who will make the cut.cropped-Hill_MPT304-FB-cover1photo credit:

4. Research your wedding venue

Your venue choice will be driven by 3 major things: 1. Style 2. Cost 3. Capacity. Is your wedding retro? modern romantic? classic? How many guests should the space hold? And most importantly, what is your budget? Once you determine these, you’ll look for venues that meet your requirements and drop in for a visit. 2-luxury-london-wedding-venue5. Draft a wedding guest list to get an idea of how many people will be invited

What you’ll do first is make a list of everyone in the world you would love to invite. Then you’ll go back and cut that list in half. Continue to whittle down the list while you plan until 3 months before your wedding date which is when you’ll finalize the list and drop your invites in the mail.

Guest-List-iStock_000006543214Small6. Set a date

This may depend entirely on the venue’s availability which can easily drive the date, but at least have a sense as to when you’d like to get married– spring, summer, fall, whatever tickles your fancy, it’s up to you! Your true wedding date will be finalized once you book the venue of your choosing.

IMG_08257. Start attending wedding expos

One of the best ways to begin to familiarize yourselves with wedding professionals is to attend wedding expos. There’s a billion of them out there– each with their own style and varied vendors. Just google “wedding expos nyc” to find the best ones in town!

8. Begin “window shopping” for your dress

You can actually “window shop” online and with bridal magazines. Start to think about the style of your dress, and of course, which type flatters your figure best.


9. Purchase a wedding organizer

You’ll need a good bound organizer to help you sort through all the “To Do’s” and keep track of your vendors’ contact information, or inspiration ideas, business cards, samples, etc. It really helps to keep all of your resources well-organized so that everything is at your fingertips.


10. Hire a wedding planner

Of course you should hire a wedding planner, because that’s what we do! After completing steps 1 -9, a wedding planner can come in and “take it from there”. We’ll help you navigate this wonderful world of crazy, happy, stressful, hair pulling, hands-wringing, tears of joy wedding planning process, leaving you with minimal stress, and peace of mind.WPIC-Wedding-Planner-with-brideV2

Good luck with it all! Let us know how it goes! 🙂

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