How to Create a Wedding Day Emergency Kit


photo credit: Dana Goodson Photography

You want your wedding day to be as perfect as possible, but minor interruptions during the day’s schedule may throw you a curve ball instead. Whether it’s perfectly coiffed hair that begins to wilt in the heat of a July summer day, 6″ heels blistering your feet, or that rip in your cathedral length wedding veil (gasp!) you got when Uncle Bob stepped on running to his seat, you want to be prepared with the best arsenal of tools available to fix almost any of your minor (or major, heaven forbid!) snafus.

Of course, none of us can prepare for every possible scenario, but we can certainly try our best to cover all bases! Every bride will need a Wedding Day Emergency Kit on her wedding day to tackle any unexpected surprises bound to pop up. You can order Wedding Emergency Kits from most wedding vendors– just google “Wedding Emergency Kit”, and review the results that interest you the most. Make certain to ask your wedding planner if she will supply the kit for you (hint: if the wedding planner doesn’t offer this, get another wedding planner!) or have your Maid of Honor/bridesmaid(s) keep one during the day if you need it.

But, if you want to make your own kit customized to your taste and liking, then by all means, create your own!

Below is a list of “must have” items for your wedding day that will iron out the kinks and mend all the snags! This list is taken from my own emergency kit I developed for all my brides for their big day. So, as a special wedding gift to you, I share my “recipe” for all you need to keep you looking beautiful, feeling happy, and help prevent any scene-stealing yet unwanted “wardrobe malfunctions” during the day!


  1. Band-Aids
  2. mirror
  3. lip balm
  4. aspirin
  5. tissues
  6. sewing kit
  7. hair spray
  8. emory boards
  9. rubber bands
  10. tampons
  11. panty liners
  12. sanitary napkins
  13. eyebrow pencil
  14. toothpaste
  15. deodorant
  16. bobby pins
  17. safety pins
  18. stick pins
  19. cotton balls
  20. cotton swabs
  21. nail polish remover
  22. hosiery
  23. gum/mints
  24. razor
  25. scissors
  26. comb/brush
  27. soap
  28. lotion
  29. shaving cream
  30. hair gel
  31. shower cap
  32. cold cream
  33. noxema
  34. lipstick
  35. mouthwash
  36. baby powder
  37. nail polish
  38. baby oil
  39. sponge
  40. scrunchie
  41. dental floss
  42. eye drops
  43. toothbrush
  44. hand sanitizer
  45. tweezers
  46. nail clippers
  47. foot pads
  48. lint brush
  49. perfume
  50. shampoo
  51. conditioner
  52. Vaseline
  53. nail clippers
  54. gauze pads
  55. make-up brushes
  56. eyeshadow

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