Wedding Registry 101: Top 50 Wedding Gifts

200271182-001I think one of the best, most stress-free parts of planning a wedding is creating your wedding gift registry. Here’s why: it involves gifting and shopping, which, as a pair, are a girl’s second best friend (you know who’s the first!) I mean, what’s better than shopping and having someone else pay for it? OK, I know that’s semi-tacky to admit, but come on, we both know it’s true! And hey, honestly, we all love to be showered (no pun intended) by stuff given to us by people who love us, and ain’t nothing wrong with that!

But all things considered, what really is the best way to register and receive all the things you want without looking like you’re suffering from inconspicuous consumption, and staying within the lines of proper etiquette and protocol? I mean, when I registered, I really really wanted a $1,500 sleigh bed, but just didn’t have the heart to “go there”. Would it have been considered “bad form” to have registered it? I don’t know, I’m still not sure, I know I would care less if I saw it on someone else’s registry, primarily because I wouldn’t buy it (some nerve, huh?). But, not to offend (or worse, have ’em talk about me!) I decided to forgo it and kept the list “economically reasonable”.

So just how do you develop a reasonable, non-offensive to your guests’ sensibilities registry where you still get what you want/need? Well there are a couple of easy ways, so let’s jump right on it. These tips, and the checklist that follows, should help you devise a well-rounded registry that will be a hit with your guests and get you packages delivered to your door up to, on, and after your wedding day!


Discuss, Decide, Declare

First, take a few minutes to discuss with your fiance what housewares you’ll need for your new life together. Walking into a store and registering without a checklist of necessary items is the best way to wind up with a lot of stuff you really don’t need. Years ago when a former friend got married, we went to Macy’s and she literally took the “wand” and scanned anything that was in the aisle. It was truly ridiculous. Focus first on the necessities, which we’ll detail in a sec. Then move on to the things you would love to have– but make sure it’s still for function. For example, if you love to bake, get a bakeware set. What you shouldn’t do is get things you think you may want, but have no experience using. For example, you may think you want to make your own ice cream, but once you discover how labor intensive it is, now you’re stuck with ice cream making stuff you only used once while eating pints of pre-made Haagen-Dazs sans the headache.

Most stores offering registry services will have a “starter” checklist. Using theirs as a guide, develop your own, but keep the list as simple as possible. Span a wide range of price points, from expensive, to cheap, with most stuff in between. If you are getting married a little later in life and already have the basic housewares, either replace them, or add to what you already have.

Also, only have a few registries, it’s easier to manage and makes you look, well, less greedy. Oh goodness, and please, please PLEASE DO NOT put your registry information on your wedding invitations! (horrors!! gasps!!) This is one big ol’ faux pas; include only wedding registry information on your wedding shower invitations.

So to get you started, here are the top 50 wedding items you should register. Of course you’re not limited to just these, but it’s a great starting point. So without further adieu, here they are:


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1. Towels

2. Shower curtain

3. Bath mat

4. Waste paper basket


5. Dishes

6. Bowls

7. Flatware

8. Pots/pans


Cooking utensils:

9. Spatula

10. Drainer

11. Colander

12. Tongs

13. Peeler

14. Can opener

15. Ladle

16. Pot holders

17. Mugs

18. Dish rack

19. Mixer

20. Blender

21. Kettle

22. Cutting board

23. Measuring cup

24. Measuring spoons

25. Toaster

26. Ice cube trays

27. Salad spinner

28. Placemats


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29. Sheets

30. Pillows

31. Comforter

32. Bed skirt

33. Mattress pad

34. Mattress cover


35. Scrub brush

36. Broom

37. Mop

38. Iron

39. Ironing board

40. Vacuum cleaner

presente com a chave

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41. Magazine rack

42. Lamp

43. Rug

44. Step stool

45. Bookcase

46. Decorative pillows

47. Vase

48. Mirror

49. Shopping cart

50. Honeymoon experiences!











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