Hot Off the Press: Printing Your Wedding Invitations


Well we’ve discussed how to build your wedding stationery portfolio, and how to design your wedding invitations, and now, we’re gonna talk printing!

Once your wedding invitations have been designed, paper chosen, and guest list created, the next and (almost) final step is the printing process. There are several different methods you can employ for printing your wedding invites; here we’ll talk about the most common ones so that you can decide based on budget and style which you prefer.

Let’s begin!


Engraving is the most formal and typically the most expensive printing option. Engraving is made by etching type into metal plates which are them impressed upon paper. You can tell an invitation has been engraved by looking at the invitation, if the font of the invitation is raised on the front and indented on the back of the invitation then you know it has been engraved.



Letterpress can sometimes be as expensive as engraving, but although engraved printing appears raised, letterpress type is created by manual impression which produces indented type. A letterpress invitation can be either formal or casual.

Pink-Gray-Letterpress-Wedding-Invitations-Studio-SloMo4photo credit:


Thermography is a less expensive alternative to engraving that uses a heat-based process and resin power to create raised lettering. Thermography is shiny unlike engraving, but it can cost nearly fifty percent less than engraving.

wedding05Offset Lithography 

Offset lithography is also known as flat printing or litho and is the least expensive way to print your wedding stationery. You’ll find this type of printing on everyday items such as standard store-bought greeting cards and magazines.


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