Will You Be Mine? Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Wedding!


Ah Valentine’s Day! The highest order of all occasions strictly dedicated to the celebration of  love! So what better way does a couple have to say “I love you” than to get married on this particular day. Although mainly a day noted for which the most engagements occur, when the timing is right (like this year and the next!) by the day falling on the weekend, you can plan one heck of a celebration which will long be remembered!

So just how do you plan a Valentine’s Day wedding? Well that of course, is totally up to you! But to get you started and your creative juices flowing, we’ve put together a gallery of some ideas we think will help you along the way. But before we get started, let’s just go through a couple of quick tips:

Don’t overuse red in your wedding color scheme!

We know it sounds counter-intuitive, being red is the primary color of both the day and love, but here’s why we want you to steer clear of its overuse: too much of it just simply looks “dated”. Instead, go for red’s kissing cousin pink, which is a softer, more subtle tone. However if you’re a die-hard red fan, then go ahead, but use it sparingly– just accents or touches, like a splash of red in your bouquet, or a bit of red ribbon in the groom’s boutonniere. Red is loud enough to be noticed, so don’t worry about taking it easy with it!

Focus on symbols of love  

This would include hearts, xoxo’s, Hershey kisses, etc. Generously sprinkle symbols on your invites, wedding signs, tablescape– add it anywhere you think the accent will look good.

Incorporate love poems and sonnets into your ceremony

There are so many love poems and writings to pick from you should have no problem finding ones that resonate with the sentiment you want to convey. You can select from a range of ideas from the traditional, like Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways”, to original words penned by you. Added emphasis on this type of expression of love lends itself perfectly to the theme.

photo credit: http://www.derekwongphotography.com

OK, so now that we’ve set the ground rules, let’s take a look at some examples of what we think make a nice Valentine’s Day wedding presentation:


Rose Heart Wedding Cake

photo credit: http://www.choosecake.co.uk

Well it wouldn’t be a real Valentine’s Day wedding if you didn’t have a heart-shaped cake! There are so many varieties of heart shaped cakes you can choose — from one layer to several tiers, the choices are endless. Just make certain, like most wedding cakes, you decorate with flowers, real or fondant, so long as it’s styled pretty!



Flowers should be blush pink mixed with preferably white or other light colors so that the pink “pops”. If you really want to use traditional red roses as your bouquet, that’s fine too, go for it, but just make certain to match other florals in your wedding like your centerpieces, bridesmaids’ bouquets, and boutonnieres as well. But remember, no over-doing the red!


valentine petit four

We love this petit four heart-shaped favor, it’s just so adorable and it’s edible! You can also use traditional heart-shaped hard candies (you know, the standard multi-colored hearts that have love messages engraved on each one) and place them in an attractive heart-shaped container for a more classic styled-favor.


valentine tablescape

Tablescapes with red and/or pink roses and/or peonies is definitely the way to go! Since Valentine’s Day is smack dead in the middle of winter, the peony seems like a natural choice for that “winter” feel. And roses, well, they’re roses and it’s Valentines Day!  “Staking” a table number or a romantic message (or both!) inside a centerpiece arrangement like the one above is  a great idea for creating the entire Valentine’s Day look and feel.

Oh, and one more thing….


You didn’t think with all this talk of weddings we forgot, did you?

Have a great one! xoxo

Love, The New York Wedding Company

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