Top 10 Wedding Florals You’ll Need for Your Big Day!


Flowers for your wedding are by far, one of the most important design elements expressed throughout your wedding day. There is no occasion where flowers are not welcomed and they never disappoint, as they are always pleasing with their compelling beauty and satisfying fragrant aroma.

But although we’re all great fans of flowers, do you  know exactly which ones you should order for your wedding day? Hmmm, had to stop and think about it for a moment, huh? Well no need to look any further, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Wedding Day Flowers you will need. So in no particular order (except for the Bride, of course she’s first!), here are the top 10 wedding day flowers you’ll need:

1- Bouquet – Bride

Of course, the most important wedding floral is the bride’s bouquet. Aside from her dress, it garners its own special attention, especially as it nears time for the bride to toss it. You and your florist will work together to design your bouquet. Begin to collect inspiration pictures of bouquets you like so you can show them samples. Also think about incorporating elements from your wedding dress (like color, lace, sequins, rhinestones, etc.), and including something sentimental on the ribboned handle like your grandmother’s wedding day brooch, or a cameo of a special someone who may be gone, but not forgotten on your wedding day.

bg22- Bouquets – Bridesmaids

Should we venture to say the bridesmaids’ bouquets are the second most important wedding flowers in your wedding party? Of course they are, and the more bridesmaids, the more bouquets, the more floral beauty! Usually bridesmaids’ bouquets are either designed to complement the bride’s bouquet, or are matched to the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Typically the Maid of Honor bouquet is designed to stand out with some accent detail (perhaps with a different color ribbon, or same flowers as the other bridesmaids but in a different hue). Remember, you can choose anything you or your maids fancy!

3- Boutonniere – Groom

The boutonniere is the dash of debonair that the groom sports on his wedding day so as to be the most stylish and distinguished gentleman! Typically a 1-3 bud floral, the boutonniere is pinned directly onto the groom’s tuxedo lapel. Depending on which flowers are in season and the groom’s own personal choice can drive the selection of the boutonniere, but often the flower is similar or same to those used in the bride’s bouquet.


4- Boutonnieres – Groomsmen

Now we’ve got a whole row of dashing gents! Similar to the Maid of Honor’s bouquet, the Best Man’s boutonniere can be designed to stand out from the other groomsmen. Flowers tend to be buds and bunched in a maximum of three.

I_02265- Corsages – Mothers

Both mothers of the couple are entitled to wear a beautiful corsage on this special day which signifies their importance in your lives and at the wedding. Other ladies who may don a corsage include: grandmothers, aunts, close female relatives, or any other  special ladies who you want to honor on your day.

corsages-46- Flower Girl Basket Petals

The flower girl basket tends to be filled with loose rose petals that she will in tradition, sprinkle down the aisle before the bride makes her big appearance. If you’re having a flower girl in your ceremony, you can either ask your florist for  complimentary petals for the occasion, or purchase silk ones from any local craft store.


7- Pew Bows – with floral accents

Rose buds placed within the knot of the pew bows make a very lovely and charming floral accent to your ceremony. Tie bows on every pew, but for the “RESERVED” front pews add-in a single white rose with baby’s breath to really add detail!


8- Ceremony Floral Decor

In a traditional ceremony, ceremony floral decor tends to focus on decorating the altar, but depending on your choice and ceremony set-up, flowers can be used anywhere you like, provided your ceremony venue approves it.


9- Reception Decor

As long as the venue allows, you can add flowers to chandeliers, gazebos, archways, staircases, doorways, and the like. Look at different Pinterest inspiration boards for designs and ideas!

Chrissy Lambert Photo Flowergirls

10-Centerpieces – Reception

The centerpiece is always the focal point of your reception table (hence the name!) Most of the popular centerpieces are floral in nature, or incorporate flowers in their design and motif. There are so many designs and styles to be inspired by, but just remember to either have the centerpieces stand high above your guests’ seated eye level, or very low and squat on the table in fishbowl vases as to not interfere with guests having a clear line of sight during dinner conversation.

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