Why You Must Number Your RSVP Cards!

Handwriting_rsvp_full_shotMany of your wedding guests probably know their decision by the time they get their invitation. Many however, may proceed straight to the “Accepts/Regrets” checkbox and forget to fill in their name. Or, they may use another last name (like their maiden name), even though you sent the invite addressed to them in their married name. Or their handwriting may simply be illegible.

But hey, what’s the big deal since their “original” name and return address has been pre-printed by you on the return envelope which you’ll receive once they mail it back to you. Well here’s why: We often throw the return envelopes out after opening them without even thinking to check the name that is (or isn’t) printed on the enclosed RSVP card. Now, several weeks later when you start your seating chart, the only thing remains is either a blank RSVP card, or one from a Jane “Monroe” whose name you don’t recognize; not to mention you’ve invited several Janes, none of whose last name is Monroe, and some who you haven’t heard back from. So now what?

Well you could call guests, pretend to just want to chat, and then bring up your wedding to have them “remind” you if they’re coming or not. But when you have a guest list that’s more than 200 people, this task could actually take forever.


photo credit: Lava Stationery | www.lavastationery.com.au

So to avoid the hassle, number your RSVP cards. Of course for this to work effectively you’ll need a numbered guest list so that the numbers on your cards correspond to the ones on the list. That way if anyone does forget to write their name on the card, or uses another name and you’ve thrown away the envelope, you’ll be able to identify the guest by checking the number on the back of the card and matching it to the numbered guest list.

But please, write the numbers small and discreetly. You may have a couple of very attentive guests that will see the number and wonder what it means. So if a guest asks you what the number means, reassure them the cards are numbered to keep things organized and is no reflection of “guest priority” (folks, these things do happen!) We don’t want your grandmother to feel unimportant just because her card says #196!

So number your RSVP cards to avoid confusion and trouble. That way, you stay organized and your guests don’t start making up reasons to feel slighted because they were #33 instead of #5!


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