Real Weddings: Jerryanne + Nathan

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JerryAnne + Nathan Engagement Shoot – Brooklyn, NY


JerryAnne + Nathan Engagement Photo Shoot – Brooklyn, NY

How They Met… Her Story

“​I met Nathan back in 2007 while volunteering with a nonprofit in New York called AngelAfrica.  Shortly after we met we had our first date at a South African restaurant. From our very first encounter he was a complete gentleman and showered me with attention.

​In 2009 Nathan relocated to Jacksonville, Florida.  ​We kept in touch but everything changed when I joined him and a friend in November of that year for a road trip.  Sparks flew and we’ve been together ever since”.

​How They Met… His Story

​I first spotted Jerryanne while riding the subway to work in the morning in New York in 2007.  I couldn’t help but notice her striking charm and beauty. I could tell she was a passionate soul just by observing her from afar.  To me, she was a dream girl.

Several months later, I saw her again at an AngelAfrica. I instantly recognized her from the subway, and we became close friends.

​I moved to Florida in 2009, and later that year she came to visit me for a weeklong road trip through Florida with one of my closest friends.  By the end of the trip, we started dating.

The Proposal: How Nathan Popped the Question!

I couldn’t stand being away from her any longer and moved back to NYC in December 2011 to ask her to be my wife.  On our two year anniversary, I took her on a romantic night around town, visiting the LOVE sculpture, taking a horse and carriage ride around Central Park, and dining at an upscale restaurant followed by dessert.  We then took a tram ride across Manhattan to Roosevelt island, where I reminded her that I first saw her underground in the subway and I decided to ask her to marry me while we were high up in the sky overlooking the city we love. She answered “Of course, YES” and the rest is history!

Wedding Details

June 21st, 2013 | The Grandview | Poughkeepsie, NY


Jerryanne + Nathan – First Dance

Most Memorable Wedding Day Moment

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