Developing Your Wedding Invitation “B” List

o-WEDDING-PLANNER-570How many of you have more friends and family members than you can really invite to your wedding? Now don’t all nod at once. But of course, the more guests you invite the more expensive your wedding will be. The amount of food, invitations, favors and space you’ll need are all controlled by the number of guests, and believe me when I tell you the numbers add up quite quickly.

Now I know you get along with all of your second cousins, coworkers and neighbors, but do you really have to invite them all? Are ALL these people really that important to you? Probably not, so how about we just stick to inviting the ones that are closest to your heart.

To help you out a little bit a more, below is a FANTASTIC “Wedding Guest List Invite” flowchart that we  love, love, LOVE to help you determine who really needs to be there and who really doesn’t. It facilitates the decision process immensely. Check it out:


So now that we’ve knocked your guest list down from 300 to 200 people, but your cap is really 100, here’s the plan: Let’s pretend we’re back in elementary school and number your paper from 1 to 100. Now write down the names of the people that are the closest to you and all the people that you couldn’t imagine having your wedding without them there. This will be known as your “A” list. Now make a second list with the names of the remaining 100 guests you “sort of” feel obligated to invite and this will be your “B” list. See, that was simple!

But now here’s where things get a little tricky so pay close attention. Send out the first 100 invitations to the people on your A list and wait for them to RSVP. As some of your guests decline, you can begin to send invitations to the people on your B list, but do this one at a time. This may be somewhat time consuming, but it’ll ensure you don’t invite more people than you should. If you accidentally send too many invitations because you assumed more people would decline, you could end up in a sticky situation that could involve spending more money than you planned to. So to avoid that complicated mess and all the extra stress, send your invitations one by one until you have 100 people that are attending.


Now some of these people may still not show up because things do happen unexpectedly, but I would prefer for you to have a little extra instead of not having enough. Extra chairs can be removed and extra invitations can be saved. However, you cannot have an overflow which will lead to a table seating fiasco during your reception. That my dear, is a big no no and you will be the talk of the town for the next 10 centuries to come!


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