Tying The Knot: How To Pick Your Wedding Officiant

Wedding attire? Check. Shoes? Check. His suit? Still working on it. Officiant? Wait, do I need one?

The officiant is the one person who you can’t wait to see on your wedding day because they are the ones that say the words you’re dying to hear, “You may now kiss the Bride”. Of course they do more than help you “tie the knot”, so no matter who you choose, understand this is one of the things in your wedding that is non-negotiable; you will need an officiant or your wedding will not happen.

The officiant will guide you through religious and legal steps toward marriage. They will sign your marriage license, meet with you to discuss ceremony details like to approve hymns, music, readings, etc., explain religious requirements and guide you through a pre-marital counseling (usually a requirement through Β churches.

If you don’t already have an officiant, here’s a couple of tips to help you find the right one for your wedding.


Are you getting married at a church?

Great! Your work has already been done for you! When you get married at a church, the church will provide your officiant, so sit back relax and enjoy the show, I mean wedding.

5412Not getting married at a church?

That’s totally fine, but you do have some work cut out for you, as you will need to find an officiant for your wedding and you’ll need to follow some guidelines when selecting them.

If you’re picking an officiant that already has some experience, ask for references. You’ll also want to ask the officiant what the service is going to be like, just to get a complete understanding of what will be happening during your ceremony. If possible, you may want to check their credentials just to make sure, because if they aren’t really registered to be an officiant then your marriage won’t be legal. Last, but the most important of all, don’t pick an officiant without meeting them first. Just like you would never hire a wedding planner without meeting them first to make sure your personalities match, apply the same rule to your officiant. You don’t want to end up with an officiant that no one could hear at your outdoor ceremony because they mumble or talk way too fast.

If you’re picking an officiant that doesn’t already have experience, such as a close family member or friend, then the first step is for that person to get registered. But of course before giving this person such a big role, you’ll want to make sure that they can perform these duties as well as someone that already has experience would. So sit down and talk to them first. Make sure they understand the importance of their role in your wedding.

So, choose your officiant wisely, as this will be the person that sets the tone for your wedding ceremony and can perform an amazing service that had all 200 guests laughing and smiling!

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