Going to the Chapel: Choosing The Perfect Ceremony Venue!

One of the first steps in planning your wedding is deciding where exactly you want to get married. Although most wedding ceremonies are held in churches, not everyone is going to the chapel, so some of you will have to scout the best location for your wedding ceremony.

So to help those who haven’t quite figured it all out yet, here’s a few things to keep in mind when selecting your ceremony venue:

wedding ceremony -home

Want to get married… At a Church?

If you already belong to a church then this is probably your first choice for your ceremony venue. Typically very little set-up is required, but ask if you’re allowed to decorate, and if there are any rules for the space you’ll need to adhere to.  You also won’t have to worry about crazy weather Mother Nature may throw at you since the ceremony will be indoors. Most churches don’t require you to pay a fee, but they will ask for a donation in lieu of (typically around $300).

Keep in mind that if you find a church you’d like to get married in but you’re not a member of the church, you’ll probably be asked to join and then be required as members to participate in marriage counseling sessions. Make sure you speak to the church officials to find out if these classes are required, as some churches will not perform the ceremony if these sessions are not completed.

wedding ceremony - church

Want to get married… At an Outdoor Venue?

If you would like to have your wedding ceremony at an outdoor venue like a public park, the first thing you will need is a permit.  Speak directly to your local parks department about the permit fee (typically $500) and requirements to utilize the park as a ceremony venue. Review the venue’s rules and regulations so that you know what you can and cannot do so your ceremony runs smoothly. Some outdoor venues require you to have live music (such as a band), with no amplification, which means you can’t set-up speakers and hire that amazing DJ your friend recommended.

Also, you’ll need a back up plan just in case the weather isn’t permitting. Keep in mind that you will need to provide chairs for your guests and your decorations may be limited depending on the venue’s rules and regulations.


Want to get married… At your Reception Venue?

Some people have their wedding ceremony AND reception at the same venue, which is great since your guests won’t get lost trying to locate your reception once the ceremony ends. But not every reception venue will serve as a great ceremony venue, so do your research first.

Also, make sure you ask the reception venue if you can have your ceremony there as well, don’t just assume that it will be okay. And again, ask about decor, some venues will let you decorate anything and everything, some not so much!

indoor wedding

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