Choosing the Perfect Reception Venue

Of course there are pros and cons for every wedding reception venue you consider, and only sometimes is a place absolutely perfect. You may have to search long and hard until you find “the one”. But before you even begin to actively look for a place for your big day, here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the selection process and choose the perfect reception venue for you!


1. The Location

Will your wedding reception be held at a beach, hotel, or a park? Will there be privacy for you and your guests, or will you have to share the venue with others? Location is key when it comes to your reception. For example, if your reception is on a boat, if some  guests are prone to seasickness they may not attend. Also, if your reception is outdoors during the summer, people may think it’s too hot to party outside and may not want to dance.

2. The Type Of Venue

studio 450

There are venues that are already decorated, such as hotels and banquet halls, where you have the option of adding light decorations. But there are also “raw space” venues that require you to bring everything in, such as food, chairs, tables, decorations, etc.

3. The Price

Although you may like the venues you visit, they may not all be in your price range. Don’t get caught up in how amazing everything looks at your venue, only to pay for it later– literally! Every venue can be transformed into a beautiful reception site with just the right amount of decorations and creativity. So choose a venue that fits your budget.


4. The Guest List

The amount of people attending your wedding can determine which venue is right for you. If you have a large guest list, then you’ll need enough dining space for everyone, as well as enough space on the dance floor. Also, keep in mind if the venue can accommodate guests with special needs, such as their children or the elderly. Does the venue have booster seats for children? Are the entrances/exits wheelchair accessible for  disabled or elderly guests? Some of these factors may play a role in determining if the venue is right for you.

Photo Credit: Featured image Cator-Woolford Gardens. Raw space photo: Studio 450 and island dream photo at The Sheraton


2 thoughts on “Choosing the Perfect Reception Venue

  1. I do agree with your thoughts. A perfect wedding venue depends on all these factors and it is necessary to make proper attention on these things. In my opinion, we should choose a wedding venue, where we can easily get all the amenities and feel comfortable.

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