Unveiled: Classic Wedding Veil Styles

One of the questions I contemplated before my wedding was if I would walk down the aisle veiled or unveiled. And if I did walk down the aisle veiled, who would unveil me — my Dad once he walked me down the aisle, or would my husband once we were pronounced husband and wife? I know right, who knew these things were so “deep”!

Veiled is usually a look worn by younger brides (of which I was not) and far more brides walk down the aisle unveiled then veiled. My make-up artist told me she was veiled but her Dad forgot to life the veil for her once he escorted her down the aisle. So she had to stand there during the ceremony veiled and she had to blow on the veil in order to breathe freely. So, once I heard that unveiled I went down the aisle.


Ivory-white-wedding-font-b-veils-b-font-font-b-Cathedral-b-font-font-b-Length[1]Whatever you decide, below are the classic examples of wedding veils. Hopefully one will inspire you!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Birdcage – The Birdcage is a very popular style these days, inspired by the “hipster” trend that’s raging through the cool wedding scene!


Blusher – The Blusher is worn as a shorter alternative to a longer veil. Similar to the birdcage, it is slightly longer and fuller for a more traditional look.collection-of-Bridal-Blusher-Birdcage-Veil-design[1].jpg

Shoulder length – Worn to hit right at the shoulders, this veil is beautiful


Elbow Length – Worn right to hit the elbows, looks great!


Fingertip Length –

Mantilla – This Spanish-inspired veil is a popular style among many brides, and provides for a nostalgic touch to their wedding attire.


Floor – Floor length veils dramatically sweep the floor and is the first stop on getting to the royal length!




















Royal Lengths – These veils extend many feet onto the floor, usually past the train. Mostly used in opulent or royal weddings.rBVaGlWSTY6AQlsaAAPRnCgVgSc974[1]

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