Will You Marry Me? 10 Great Ways to Pop the Question!

There’s plenty of creative and unique ways to pop the question to your honey. Here we’ve compiled a few of our favorites as inspiration to  you!

Note:  Do not, repeat DO NOT propose via text, or Facebook!  Also, please, no proposals that fall on any major holiday (including her birthday– women really don’t like that guys, although they’ll never tell you for fear of hurting your feelings, but you’ve been warned!)

OK, so now that the ground rules are in place, here’s our proposal tips from 10 to 1:

 10 – At Your First Date Spot


Going back to where your first date was is a great way to conclude your dating status by elevating your commitment to marriage. It’s also a beautiful reminder of where all this started in the first place. If you went to a restaurant or bar, then revisit it and spring the big surprise at the end of the meal!

 9 – On Your Anniversary

happy anniversary

Even though you’re not technically married, once you’ve been in a long-term relationship, most couples celebrate an “anniversary” of some sort– whether it’s using the first date as the milestone, or the date you said “I love you”, you can now use that anniversary date to propose.

Bonus: Going to your first date spot (see #10) on your anniversary date is a most harmonious way to begin your lives together!

8 – At Her Job


This can be a big hit among her co-workers and a grand way of expressing your love to her before declaring it in front of family and friends.

First make sure her job is OK with the plan. Conspire with some of her co-workers so you can get proper clearance.  Also, be reasonably certain she won’t mind the grand-scale attention. This may work better in a smaller more intimate work office where co-workers are also friendly.

 7- At a “Just for You Two” Picnic


Just Me and You Picnics are by nature comfortable and intimate. Pick a nice warm day, grab your picnic basket, and the two of you head out to spend the day lazing about in the shade and sun. Somewhere between munching and talking, make your move!

 6 – At the Beach


Maybe a nice sunset stroll on the beach along the water, just like you see in the movies! This is an absolute perfect idea especially if you’ll want to have a beach wedding!  Nothing more romantic!

 5 – On Vacation


This is a great idea for the couple who travels. Pick an iconic spot depending on where you’re going– maybe at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or during a gondola ride in Venice. Or it can be as simple as a weekend getaway in Sag Harbor or Martha’s Vineyard, or any place that provides natural ambience and atmosphere for full romantic effect.

 4 – At an Amusement Park

ferris wheel

This is definitely a fun and adventurous way to propose. The Ferris Wheel is the best place– it’s just you and your honey, alone high in the sky. There’s always a little pause on the ride as soon as your cabin reaches the top– and it’s at that moment that’s the best time to bust out the ring! But not on the roller-coaster or in the haunted house!

 3 – During Half-time at a Baseball/Basketball Game


OK, we like the idea, and every so often the news will cover this type of grand-scale proposal, but how you do it, we have no idea! But it’d be great, especially for the athletic lovers! If you’re really serious about this idea, we suggest calling the stadium’s management office to see if they will allow you to do it.

 2 – On Valentine’s Day

strawberry shortcake

Ah yes, the highest order of all days that celebrate love! Valentine’s Day is of course, the day with the highest number of proposals extended. We don’t have to tell you all the creative things you can do– swap a piece of candy from her chocolate box and substitute it with the ring, insert the ring in one of the dozen long-stemmed roses you’ll be giving her, you know, the list goes on. Some may feel it’s cliche (OK, it is just a little bit) but there certainly is no other day dedicated to the expression of a couple’s love!

 1 – On Bended Knee!

on bended knee

The number one best way to propose is, of course, the most old-fashioned way— down on bended knee!

We know it may seem a little old school, but nothing symbolizes a true marriage proposal better than that! So, go throwback and pop the question on bended knee. If you do, you’ll be one of the very few men who has a wife that can brag her husband is a true gentleman!


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