The Night Before: Planning Your Rehearsal Dinner


The Night Before the Big Day!

The dinner the night before the biggest day of your life is typically called the Rehearsal Dinner. This dinner signifies the last day the couple spends together before they become husband and wife. More importantly, it is the last pre-wedding event and follows the actual rehearsal, which is where you and your bridal party will practice the processional and recessional at your church or ceremony location.

Who Needs to Be There?

Typically the bridal party, close family and friends, and of course the couple!

Where Does This Take Place?

That’s totally up to you! But typically they’re held at a restaurant of the couple’s choice. Other creative ideas include hosting a back-yard BBQ, or an evening garden dinner, or cocktails at a local bar.

What Goes on During the Dinner?

Drinks are served, food is eaten, toasts are made, and a good time is had by all! The couple should thank everyone for all their support, and sharing in their special day.

Who’s Paying for All This?

Traditionally the groom’s parents pay for the rehearsal dinner.

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