A “Must Have” Beverage List for Your Cocktail Hour

Stocking your wedding bar sufficiently and correctly is an important task you’ll want to make sure you attend to early on in planning your wedding.  So to ensure your bar is organized and balanced, here  are the absolute basics you’ll need to have the beginnings of a well-stocked bar!

Signature Drink

Signature Drink

Add a personal touch to your bar menu by choosing a signature cocktail, designed specifically for your wedding! Pick a favorite drink you and your fiance may love, or one that matches your wedding theme, or one that just sounds yummy!

Added inspiration: Create a cool wedding bar menu on a chalkboard that highlights your signature drink and provides the recipe!

Our feature Bar Menu Chalkboard photo courtesy of Allison Lewis Photography via www.weddingbee.com

photo credit: www.mywedding.com

The Cocktail Hour

Cocktails - Various

Your Cocktail Hour is where your guests will do the most drinking, and  form lines that  wrap around the bar!

Here are the basic liquors that without a doubt need to be included on your bar menu:

White Liquors:

Vodka | Rum | Gin


Chardonnay | Pinot Grigio | Cabernet Sauvignon | Merlot | Zinfadel


For the wedding toasts!


photo credit: Indiana Market and Catering www.indiananyc.com


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