Preparing Your Wedding Stationery Portfolio


Many of you may not know what a wedding stationery portfolio is, which of course would explain why you’re reading this post, right? Well, a wedding stationery portfolio is just a couple of fancy words we use to describe all of the paperie created and used for the communications around your wedding event that are sent to your guests.

So to make things easier for you, I’ve listed what items should be in your portfolio, along with when they should be mailed.

Your Wedding Stationery Portfolio Should Include

Engagement Announcementengagement

Most engagements are announced in your local newspaper by submitting your engagement details directly to the paper. But, you can also design and mail engagement announcements to family  and close friends. Your engagement announcement should include both your names and the date you got engaged. If you’re having an engagement party, you can include your announcement as an insert within your guests’ engagement party invitations.

Save the Dates52eeb617ef636cd6b4d391c95a97f4c3

photo credit: Lucky Penny Paperie via

The Save the Date cards are your first and most important communication surrounding your wedding event.  Save the Date cards are commonly used to communicate to your guests your wedding date so they will know not not make any plans on that date so as to be in attendance. Save the Dates are typically sent 6 – 9 months before your wedding date.

 Wedding Invitations


This is of course, the most important of all your wedding event communications. The Wedding Invitation is the formal communication to let your family and friends know they are invited as guests to your wedding. The Wedding Invitation Suite typically consists of:

  • Wedding Invitation
  • RSVP Cards
  • Reception Cards
  • Outer envelope: (Wedding Invitation)
  • Inner envelope: (RSVP card with pre-paid postage included for guests’ easy return)
  • Inner envelope (Reception card)
  • Inner Envelope (Reception Card)

You should order your wedding invitations four to six months before the wedding and mail them out two to three months before the wedding.

RSVP CardsRustic-Blue-White-Stripe-Wedding-RSVP

photo credit:

This card allows your guests to respond to your wedding invite to inform you if they will (or won’t) be able to make your wedding. You should order them along with your wedding invitations and include them when mailed. The RSVP (or Response) Card has a dual purpose: It informs your guest who you expected to come and is returned to you indicating such. For example, the card might say “Ms. Smith and Guest”, or “Mr. Jones and Family”, indicating they are allowed to bring a guest or the rest of their family. If your card is addressed to just one person (i.e. it only says “Mr. Jones”), then that informs your guest only they are invited without a “plus one”. 

Reception CardsParisian-Wedding-Invitation-Inspiration-Reception-Cardphoto credit:

The Reception card informs your guests where your reception will be held and includes directions to your venue. Reception cards are required especially if you are inviting some guests to the ceremony but not the reception. You should order your reception cards when purchasing your wedding invitations and mail them with your invitations.

Wedding Programsil_fullxfull.481106625_tfz8photo credit:

Typically the Wedding Ceremony Program welcomes guests to your ceremony and gives them something to peruse before the processional begins. They help guests follow the ceremony by explaining the order of the events, and lists the songs, readings, and names of the members of the wedding party. Wedding Ceremony Programs are distributed at the wedding ceremony and should be ordered 1 – 2 months before your wedding day.
Escort Cards
Escort cards and place cards are notoriously confused. Escort cards are the cards that are used at your reception venue to indicate to your guests where they are seated. The Escort Card should contain the name of the guest and their table number, thus “escorting” guests to their appropriate table. Blank escort cards can be ordered at anytime, but should be completed no later than two weeks before your wedding date.  OK, so now on to place cards…
Place Cards
photo credit: White Photography
Place cards are the cards found at each “set place” on the table. Place cards will indicate the guest’s name and is usually decoratively rested within a fancy folded napkin or on the actual plate along with the menu. Place cards are indeed a nice touch, but are not necessary and not as popular as they once were. If you do decide to use them, certainly order them when purchasing your escort cards.
Table Numberschic-white-black-pink-wedding-table-numbers.originalphoto credit: Janee’s Elite Design from via

Table Numbers are used at the reception to identify each table. The numbers serve to guide your guests to their correct table for seating. You can order table numbers once you and/or your caterer/venue determine  how many tables you’ll need based on your guest list, floor plan, and table shape and size.

Wedding Menuoriginal_personalised-rose-wedding-day-menuphoto credit: Tilliemint Loves via

The Wedding Menu, like a regular food menu, is used to inform guests of which meals will be served and in which order they will be served at your wedding reception. You can order your wedding menu once you finalize your food selections for your reception dinner.

Thank You CardsWedding-Thank-You-Cardsphoto credit:

The Thank You Cards are of course to thank your guests for sharing in your special day! They should be sent within a year after you get married, but it’s best etiquette to get them out within the first three months after your wedding. You can order your thank you cards at any time.

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