Are Your Wedding Reception Events In Order?

Starting at a young age, we were all taught how to put things in order. From numbers on the number line, to the alphabet and even our meals are supposed to be in a certain order. (Ahem, dessert is to be eaten after dinner, not before, for those of you that still try to sneak in a sweet treat every now and then.)

Our wedding events are put into a specific order so that nothing is forgotten and everything runs smoothly. So if you’re wondering if the cake cutting is before or after the best man’s toast then you have come to the right place!

Below you will find the reception order for a traditional wedding ceremony. You may move things around as needed, or add or subtract certain events to suit your preferences.


Reception Timeline:

Cocktail Hour

Introduction of Bridal Party
The First Dance

Father of the Bride Dance

Mother of the Groom Dance

Welcome Speech/Blessing
Dinner is Served
Best Man and Maid of Honor Toasts

Guests are encouraged to dance at this time

Bouquet Toss
Garter Toss

Cake Cutting

Last Dance
Bride and Grooms Exit

Guests are encouraged to dance once last time


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